About Dreams and Freedom

Black protagonism continuously degraded in the process that culminated with the signing of the Golden Law on May 13, 1888, the oficial date of liberation of the enslaved in Brazil. This act of silencing put an end to the freedom projects of a majority of the Brazilian population - access to land, education, work, and civil rights. After more than 100 years, the struggle for equality and freedom continues.

Year: 2020

Format: Full HD 

Duration: 70 min.


Director and Scriptwriter - Marcia Paraiso e Francisco Colombo

Executive Producers - Antonio Costa Valente, Helio Levcovitz e Ralf Tambke

Production Manager - Antonio Costa Valente e Marcia Paraiso

Cinematographer - Ralf Tambke

Edition - Marco Miranda / Glauco Broering

Producer Company - Plural Filmes / Filmografo (PT)

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