Moon in Sagittarius

Ana is 17 and lives in a tiny city in the border of Brazil and Argentina, a place with no mobile signal, no broad band internet access and not much to do. Her hidding place is "The Cave", a mix of internet café and used books and records shop run by the mysterious Argentinian LP. Ana meets Murilo there and falls in love with him. It's a forbidden love and it makes her run away with him in an adventurous road trip on a motorbike to take part in music festival.

Argentine Coproduction
Salta Una Rana Filmes

Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Duration: 120 minutes

Manuela Campagna, Fagundes Emanuel, Jean Pierre Noher, Andrea Buzato, Chico Caprário, Elke Maravilha, Serguei, Ana Cecília Costa, Mitzi Evelyn, Antonio Saboia, Raquel Stupp and Avito Correa

Director - Marcia Paraiso
Producer - Marcia Paraiso and Juliana Kroeger
Scripwriter - Marcia Paraiso and Will Martins
Cinematographer - Ralf Tambke
Editor - Glauco Broering