Maracanã, Temple of Emotions

The story of Maracana?, the football stadium in Rio de Janeiro, since its construction in 1948, showing the traumatic opening, the defeat to Uruguay, Frank Sinatra's concert, Ivete Sangalo's concert, Rock in Rio, Pope John Paul II's visit, the renovations, the demonstrations due to the changes in the stadium for the 2014 World Cup, and its reopening in the Confederations Cup.

Year: 2014
Format: Full HD
Duration: 90 min. 


Director - Gehrard Schick

Scriptwritter ? Gehrard Schick

Executive Producers ? Monika Mack, Adriano Rocha

Production Manager - Brigit Schulz, Ralf Tambke

Cinematographer - Romenique Alves

Producer Companies ? Plural Filmes / BilderSturm (ALE)

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