The Joy of Love

Feature Film / Fiction 

Dulce witnesses the murder of her partner, the quilombola Davi. Threatened, she goes to São Paulo and spreads the word about the crime she saw with her own eyes. Orphaned and abandoned as a baby, she is sought out by Beatriz, who reveals that she is her mother. Dulce also discovers that she has a twin sister, Marisa, who owns a queer karaoke bar. Dulce and Marisa demand revelations about their father from Beatriz and set off together, back to the hinterlands, with two missions: to celebrate the claim of the quilombola territory and to find the father who never knew their daughters existed.

Format: DCP

Duration: 110 min.

Director: Marcia Paraiso

Scriptwriters: Glauco Broering and Marcia Paraiso 

Executive Producers: Helio Levcovitz e Ralf Tambke