Nando Oliveira is a former world surfing champion and bastard son of the favorite candidate for the Santa Catarina state government. Nando is a friend of Argentine promoter Gabi, both are clubbers. Tormented by the accident that killed his mother, he retired early and feels guilty of not saving her, and with serious financial problems. His clothing brand becomes a front for a risky move, involving the international trade in synthetic drugs. 

Year: 2020

Format: 4K

Duration: 13 X 52'


Directors - Marcia Paraiso, Claudio Rosa e Pablo Brusa

Scriptwritter - Glauco Broering, Claudio Rosa e Pablo Brusa

Executive Producers ? Antonio Pita, Diego Palacio, Helio Levcovitz, Ignacio Vale, Paola Suárez, e Ralf Tambke

Production Manager ? Adriano Rocha, Agostina Arévalo Jaube, Lícia Brancher e Natali Córdoba

Cinematographer - Anderson Capuano, Ralf Tambke, Diego Arroyo, Sebástian Ferrero

Edition ? Jorge Fenoglio, Claudio Rosa, Pablo Brusa e Glauco Broering

Producer Companies - Plural Filmes, VIACOM Intern., StoryLab (ARG), JacqueContent (ARG), Prisma (ARG), BonaperteCine (ARG)

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